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Service 1

Fragrance Brand Development

You are:

A fragrance brand wanting to launch a new line or product, or a beauty, fashion or lifestyle brand interested in adding fragrance products into your portfolio.

You need:

Creative guidance on developing a fragrance brand and someone who can “connect all the dots” in what can be an overwhelming process and journey.

You struggle with:

  • Identifying trends and how to apply them 

  • Knowing which olfactive ingredients to focus on

  • Creating the right aesthetic/look and feel 

  • Creating and implementing a meaningful concept/theme/story

  • Connecting to your consumers/reaching the right audience

The Fragrance Brand Development Package would be perfect for you! With this service, you will get a comprehensive kit created for your specific project, which will include:

  • Portfolio and olfactive white space opportunities

  • Curated trends to tap into

  • Detailed fragrance brand concept

  • Mood board outlining visual identity (color palettes, fonts, textures, emotions, etc.)

  • Olfactive direction and ingredient focus recommendations

  • Product naming recommendations

  • Packaging recommendations


Service 2
Image by insung yoon

Trend Deep Dive

You are:

A fragrance, beauty, fashion or lifestyle brand.

You need:

Education on macro and micro trends within the fragrance and adjacent industries to equip yourself and your team with the right knowledge to tap into for an upcoming launch, or to better understand what is happening in these industries and why.

You struggle with:

  • Identifying current or forecasted trends

  • Knowing what different types of consumers are looking for

  • Understanding why certain trends resonate

The Trend Deep Dive Package would be perfect for you! With this service, you will get a thorough trend examination encapsulating one or more of the below:

  • A specific macro or micro trend you want to learn more about

  • Categorical micro trends that may include: ingredients, flavors, food, beverages, cocktails, plants, flowers, botanicals, herbs, apparel, accessories, fabrics, textures, colors, patterns, hairstyles, makeup, nails

  • Macro trends that may include: consumer moods, sentiments, viewpoints, societal and cultural movements, generational wants and needs

  • Seasonal trends (ranging from various micro to macro trends within one specific timeframe)

Service 3

Fragrance Library Concept

You are:

A fragrance, beauty, fashion or lifestyle brand who already has a library or archive of finished/developed fragrances but no “home” for them.

You need:

A story or concept(s) to fit this specific fragrance or fragrance collection that you already have developed.

You struggle with:

  • Matching a concept to the tangible fragrance

  • Creating a story that will resonate with your consumer

  • Pulling out ingredients to highlight in the story with what’s trending in the marketplace

The Fragrance Library Concept Package would be perfect for you! With this service, you will get a detailed and thoughtful concept that will include:

  • Concept board(s) with story that taps into curated trends to match existing fragrance(s)

  • Trending ingredient call outs

  • Product name recommendations

Service 2

a la carte


Brand Positioning

Fragrance Descriptions


Website Copy

Packaging Copy

Trending Ingredients



Brand Audit

Website Audit & Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Fragrance Evaluation

Portfolio Guidance & Recommendations

Olfactive Direction

Portfolio Analysis

Specific Olfactive Direction(s)

Ingredient Highlights

Ariella doesn't just get something done, she thinks about the whole picture. Everything is well thought out and perfectly curated.

Brittney Jackson Moseley

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