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I've always been obsessed with scents...

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Have you ever wondered why the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies immediately transports you back to being a child, watching your mother take a tray out of the oven?


It’s not an accident, it’s science. Our brains are literally wired to connect smell with powerful memories and emotion, completely bypassing our thinking mind.


I still remember the day I learned about this in a high school neuroscience class. I’d never been a science kid before, but I became one that day. I was fascinated. So much so, that when I chose a career path, the fragrance industry was a no-brainer. 


I landed my first job within the industry in the marketing department at Tru Fragrance, a manufacturer, and once I was introduced to this world of scent and creation, I knew it was meant for me. After getting my feet wet creating brand stories and working with product developers, graphic designers and category managers, I decided to try the brand side, where I worked in the fragrance marketing department at New Avon. It was there that I realized I wanted to create and work on multiple brands simultaneously - I yearned for the excitement of an agency while also learning the ins and outs of the creation process behind the perfume - enter the fragrance house. 

Finally, my dream job came along and I was working in creative marketing at Firmenich, one of the world's top fragrance houses, where master perfumers honed their craft and produced market classics, to the likes of CK One, Viva La Juicy and Black Opium. I was on cloud nine. The more I learned how olfaction influences our emotions, the more I returned to what appealed to me about the industry in the first place - memories.


After ten years of working in marketing, six of them gaining fragrance-specific expertise with big-name brands, I realized there was an untapped market I wanted to dive into. I now help emerging, growing and established fragrance, beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands create unique fragrance stories using nostalgia, synesthesia and emotion to resonate with their consumers. 

What I do for my clients is combine my love of senses and passion for fragrance with emotive storytelling that connects people to their memories in a way that only the sense of smell can.

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Get to know me better

As part of my work, I harness synesthesia, the blending of senses, as a creation tool. It was in that same high school neuroscience class that I actually discovered I was a synesthete. Unbeknownst to me, I thought everyone else in the world also assigned colors to specific numbers and letters of the alphabet! For some artistic synesthetes, they may “paint melodies” and for some musical synesthetes, notes could “sound salty.” It is this type of thinking that I apply when collaborating with clients on new ideas - and it's quite fun!

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“Not only does Ariella have a real passion for fragrance, but her keen eye for detail enables her to ideate creative concepts at both a macro and micro level - she is always up to date on what's next.” 

Rachel Gottlieb

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We aim to make meaningful connections with all types of people, brands and clients.



We strive to develop new ways to approach each brand’s portfolio, while meeting and exceeding their goals.



We embrace learning from as many resources as possible to understand the full picture and provide as much value as possible.

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