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let us take you on a scent journey...


My name is Ariella and I am the founder of Storied Senses, a fragrance consultancy specializing in developing unique fragrance stories and experiences that transport and transform.


We work with emerging, growing and established fragrance, beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands who are looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether they already have fragrances and want to launch a new product or collection, or are looking to add fragrance to their portfolio, they share a desire to create something that has meaning, longevity and emotional resonance.


Our approach and process include thorough brand, audience and portfolio analysis, curated trend research, product development guidance, story and look and feel. We interpret the aesthetic, positioning and target customer into an original fragrance idea, translating from brand to bottle. 


What separates us from other consultants and creative agencies is our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience within the fragrance industry on both the brand and fragrance house side.  When clients work with us, they get to peek behind the curtain into the magical and often unseen world of perfumery.

No matter how big or small the project, our creative services help to develop your new or existing fragrance brand. Get a whiff of our process below.

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Trends on trends on trends

Don't have time to sift through trend reports and keep your finger on the pulse? We do all that for you! Tracking trends is kind of our thing. We'll curate all the ones necessary for your project from olfactive ingredients to cultural sentiments and movements.


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Story time

Don't know what to focus on for your next launch? Let us tell the story for you! We'll craft a unique concept for your project that fits your specific brand and consumer, while highlighting all the relevant and trending details to make your product stand out. 


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That shelf life

Coming up with product names not in your wheelhouse? Luckily, it's our powerhouse. We'll make your project come to life from naming structure and ingredient call outs to packaging recommendations and aesthetics.   


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Discover what makes
us different

Storied Senses collaborates on creating fragrances that trigger meaningful, deeply personal and transformative experiences. We help your consumers tap into rich emotional experiences while they reconnect with memories using fragrance as a pathway. Scent fills in the blanks of a blurry black and white picture, making it sharp, colorful, resonant and transportive. Fragrance lets us travel through time and explore different realms, even for just a moment. Storied Senses helps make that intentional.

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You are in the right place if you need...

Creative guidance on developing a fragrance brand 

An understanding of what trends are happening in and around the fragrance industry on a macro and micro level

An original concept for your fragrance brand that will resonate deeply with consumers


Need some reading material? Explore our blog as we dive into various topics surrounding the amazing world of fragrance!

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